a cuULz Cabana... make a personal space for your family anywhere.

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10 Year Warranty - Cool Mesh Fabric - No Metal Parts - Two Minute Assembly
5.5 lbs - 26" Wide - 77" Long - Packs down to 210 cu in (other cots are 600-1500 cuin)
No Carry Bag to Lose, it folds up to make it's own carry case.

Buy the cuULz Bed with both Kits... save $17
$139 -- cuULz Suspension Bed - 325lb rating
includes the Heavy Duty + Lounge Chair Kit and the Float Kit.
$11 Shipping to 50 States.
$395 -- cuULz Cabana - make a personal space for your family anywhere.
Includes 4 cuULz Suspension Beds, two HD+Loung Chair Kits, and two Float Kits.
Comes in a box 28x8x8", takes less space in your car than one army cot.
$20 Shipping to 50 States. .
$99 -- cuULz Suspension Bed - 200lb rating. $11 Shipping to 50 States. .
$37 Additional UPS 2nd Day Air to the 48 States for one cuULz, or with one or two Kits.
$48 - Additional International Postage for one cuULz, or with one or two Kits.
$29 -- 325lb Heavy Duty + Lounge Chair Kit. $4 Shipping.

Contains 6 Suspension Rods and one Lounge Chair Strap. Use two rods for a 250lb capacity, use all six rods for 325lbs or to make a firmer bed no matter what you weigh. Use two rods plus the Lounge Chair Strap to make a lounge chair that sits anywhere.

$19 -- Float Kit. $4 Shipping.

Contains 4 Suspension Rods. Slide the rods through holes at the bottom of the the Legs to provide surface area to float on soft ground, sand, or to use your cuULz as the ultimate mattress topper at home or on the road.

Questions? Call (979) 900-6280 or email sales@neotrekk.com

cuULz, Ltd
Lake Jackson, Texas 77566

The cuULz Suspension Bed features 4-1/2" of sleeping depth and weighs only 5.5 lbs with both optional Kits. Sleep great outdoors, or indoors where it will slide fully assembled under your bed. cuULz delivers bedroom comfort but packs down to a tiny bundle 26" long by 3" diameter. Comfort is exceptional because the patented suspension bows independently tension the breathable mesh fabric from head to foot. 26" wide by 77" long. Supports a 200lb sleeper with the standard six suspension Rods. Add pairs of Suspension Rods to go up to 325lbs using the optional HD Kit.

Takes only two minutes to setup and the side poles have hidden polymer hinges so you can instantly flip your cuULz into a camp table or lounge chair (with the optional Chair Kit). No carry bag to add weight or get lost... all the parts roll up inside the fabric. No metal pieces anywhere; nothing to rust or corrode even in salt water at the bottom of your canoe. 10 Year Warranty... you send back the broken part and we send you a replacement part.
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